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I'm a passionate developer dedicated to crafting exceptional digital experiences. Let's bring your ideas to life with innovative solutions and flawless code.

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About me

I am the skilled professional with a remarkable 8-year programming journey. My expertise shines in Symfony, WordPress, Drupal, and occasionally Shoper/Shopify. Git, Bitbucket, and GitLab are my tools of choice, and I'm a command-line virtuoso adept at seamless deployment.

However, it's not just about the code – I excel in effective communication, effortlessly translating intricate technical concepts for non-technical stakeholders. Project managers and clients alike find my explanations enlightening and accessible.

Now, imagine the transformative power of hiring a developer from Portsmouth with such multifaceted expertise. I am ready to inject innovation and efficiency into your team, turning your visions into tangible successes. Let's embark on this collaborative journey and elevate your projects to new heights.

My reviews

Paulo Lopes
Head of Tech
Here we work together: Collective
As a backend developer, you were instrumental in optimizing our database queries, improving overall performance, and implementing robust APIs. Your code was clean, well-documented, and easy to maintain. Working with you was a great learning experience.
Craig Willis
Head of Tech
Here we work together: Collective
I had the pleasure of collaborating with you on several projects, and your backend development skills were exceptional. You consistently delivered high-quality code, met project deadlines, and effectively communicated technical concepts to non-technical team members. Your contributions were invaluable to the success of our products.
Kenny Ogundijo
Digital Project Manager
Here we work together: Collective
Your backend development expertise was crucial in scaling our platform. Your problem-solving abilities and attention to detail were evident in every task you undertook. It was a pleasure to work with someone who is not only highly skilled but also a great team player.
Bartosz Porzeżyński
Senior Manager
Here we work together: mBank S.A.
Damian is a commited and goal-oriented member of the team. With his openess, he attracts people, being at the same time a support for the team in difficult times. It was a pleasure to be his manager.
Małgorzata Peterman-Krawczuk
SEO Specialist
Here we work together: Cyrek Digital
Damian is a strong PHP Developer with excellent attention to detail both front and back end. Moreover he is very responsible and always makes sure that the solutions he provides meet the requirements closely. Always able to explain technical issues clearly to non technical colleagues. Highly recommended.
Krystian Klimczak
International Communication Consultant
Here we work together: Amerparts project
Damian is a fantastic front and back end developer. His natural drive and ambition will help deliver even the most demanding projects. Very focused and detailed developer with a teamwork attitude, that's who Damian is.

My portfolio

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My storyline with IT: A Journey from Novice to Backend Developer

My skills

As a skilled backend developer, I possess a strong command of PHP, enabling me to create robust and dynamic web applications. My proficiency in PHP allows me to contribute effectively to the development process, ensuring the creation of high-quality, user-friendly, and performant websites.
I possess a strong proficiency in PHP and specialize in Symfony framework. I am well-versed in building robust web applications, leveraging the power of Doctrine ORM for efficient database management. Additionally, I excel in crafting dynamic and interactive frontend views using Twig templating engine. My expertise in Symfony, Doctrine, and Twig files allows me to create scalable, maintainable, and user-friendly web solutions.
I have experience with Drupal and a solid understanding of its functionalities. While I am confident in my abilities, I continue to seek further learning to enhance my Drupal skills. I aim to become a highly proficient and versatile Drupal developer in the future.
As a web developer with experience in WordPress, I have the expertise to build websites from start to finish, utilizing both pre-designed templates and custom designs. I am well-versed in efficiently implementing plugins and effectively leveraging WordPress to create dynamic and engaging websites. My proficiency in WordPress allows me to deliver projects seamlessly, providing clients with user-friendly and visually appealing online experiences. Whether working with existing themes or developing from scratch, I am capable of adapting WordPress to meet diverse project requirements. With a thorough understanding of plugins and proper WordPress practices, I am confident in delivering high-quality and functional websites.
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